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We Connect Global Opportunities

We connect companies and products with the retail market, food service and Brazilian consumers.

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Barris de carvalho empilhados em um armazém

We are specialists in global sourcing, foreign trade, trade, logistics, distribution and sales


Our products

We are committed to working with companies and products with international certifications and carefully selected to meet the technical and safety specifications required by standards and the Brazilian market.
Wine bottle selection


Bottle of pure olive oil with olives on the floor

Olive Oil

Tomato soup, sauce top view

Sauces and Condiments

Hazelnut Cream seen from above with hazelnuts on the table and other condiments

Hazelnut cream

Raw Granu Duro pasta in a close-up

Hard Grain Dough


Some of our solutions


We integrate all stages, from choosing products and their suppliers to delivery, going through regulatory and logistical processes and following rules and regulations to ensure the success of the operation. 

Cargo consolidation

We provide solutions to gather several shipments from different suppliers in a single container in order to facilitate procurement and reduce transport costs. 


We offer credit solutions so that our customers can have a payment term when purchasing imported products without jeopardizing their immediate cash flow, allowing for better financial planning.

ramo de oliveira em um fundo verde com um desfoque de fundo

We work with the best

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