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cidade scape e conceito de conexão de rede

Our Solutions

We offer end-to-end import solutions, including cargo consolidation, product nationalization, warehousing, distribution and financing.


We integrate all stages, from choosing products and their suppliers to delivery, going through regulatory and logistical processes and following rules and regulations to ensure the success of the operation. 


We have an extensive storage infrastructure that serves different types of products and that follows regulatory standards, so that they can be distributed later safely and efficiently.

Cargo consolidation

We provide solutions to gather several shipments from different suppliers in a single container in order to facilitate procurement and reduce transport costs. 

Product Distribution

We have adequate means of transport to take the products from our warehouse to distribution centers and commercial establishments that will sell them to end consumers. 

Nationalization of products

We comply with all legal requirements such as obtaining licenses, paying taxes and complying with technical and health standards so that products can be legally sold in the national market.


We offer credit solutions so that our customers can have a payment term when purchasing imported products without jeopardizing their immediate cash flow, allowing for better financial planning.


BR4 Distribuidora believes in building trusting relationships with our business partners. 


We want to connect global companies and products with the Brazilian retail, food service and consumer market, providing mutual growth. 


We are committed to continually identifying opportunities that meet our business partners' needs in a meaningful way.

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